Are you practicing your saxophone the right way?

....or could your practice be more effective?

Stop the "guess work" and learn how you can make MASSIVE PROGRESS in every practice session! 

This ebook is packed with quick easy tips that show you how to supercharge every practice routine and see maximum benefits in your saxophone playing.

Learn how to plan your practice and work on the things that are important.

"I thought that there was no need to buy this guide - How wrong I was! It's great for helping me structure interesting practise routines, so they become fun instead of boring. It has some very good tone building exercises as well as a host of useful tips that not only helped me as a total beginner, but are just as helpful now. It's like my mini bible for saxophone training and I wouldn't be without it! "

Roger Rennard

"Your book is so logical and well explained. It’s done my playing the power of good!"

Jennie Mathers

"This is a great way for me to get the most of my practice sessions. Now I know exactly what to do to build and strengthen my sound."

Jason Andrews

"I’ve had this book pretty much from day one, and it helped me a great deal with structuring my practice. On top of this there’s loads of other useful hints and tips. It’s well worth having!"

Gerry Smith

"I've used this book from the start and find it really helpful. It's great having all the top tips and best practice in one doc - especially when travelling."

Louise Ramsay

"This book is very useful and I broadly follow the advice every day! Structured practice has certainly produced some improvements in my playing!"

Bob Biddulph

Inside the book:

  • Easy, practical advice you can use today
  • Tone building exercises
  • The Practice Planner
  • Instant PDF download – 29 pages
  • English and Spanish versions.

No fluff – just 29 pages of logical advice you can use today. 
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