Get the complete video recordings from our amazing live event...

Now you can get access to the incredible 2 days of saxophone classes, courses and workshops from the 2019 Sax School Weekender.

I learned a lot...

II really enjoyed playing the tunes and getting the chance to improvise. Plus Nigel, Carl and Anthony were excellent!

Jo Preston

The Weekender was 10/10...

The whole event was such a well thought out, wonderfully presented and good fun experience!

Windy Miller

I feel like a totally different player...

I've taken so much away from the Weekender - the inspiration to practice and ways to focus on things I'd never thought about. Thank you!

Melanie Taylor

Something very exciting happened this October in Yorkshire, UK...

Would you like to see what happened when, for the first time EVER, Sax School students from across the world joined together for 2 days of learning, connecting and playing sax?

Would you like access to the raw uncut footage of EVERY SESSION as my tutors and I share transformational tactics, never seen before in Sax School?

Would you like to experience what those that were fortunate enough to attend said was "their best saxophone learning experience ever"?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read on, because this could quite easily change the game for your saxophone playing...



Introducing the "Weekender Sessions"...

Our 2019 Sax School Weekender was an incredible intensive 2-day workshop. 45 saxophone players travelled from Canada, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland and across the UK to join the Sax School team and our guest tutors in Yorkshire.

The 2 days were packed with sessions on technique, tone development, improvising and playing.

But I didn't want you to miss out on this amazing experience and the opportunity to make huge progress in your playing too.

With the Weekender Sessions, you get to experience all of the learning from the two days with the entire uncut footage, plus all the of the music and resources.

The balance was just right...

"The balance between playing exercises / technique / theory was just was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile weekend!"

Rhod Cox

I absolutely loved it!

"The Weekender gave me lots of ideas to try when I got home and the confidence I needed to just give things a go."

Heather Perry

It's given me more confidence...

"I was apprehensive about's the first time I've played in a band but it wasn't as difficult as I thought!"

Andy Davidson

Here's what you'll discover on the inside...

Session #1: Warmups and Mindset to boost your progress with Nigel McGill

Learn killer Mindset Strategies never shared before in Sax School that will make the most impact on your future as a saxophone player.

Plus, get a step by step format you can use to maximise your warmup (and play along as we actually warmup!)

Session #2: Enhance your Finger Technique with Anthony Brown

Anthony shares exercises you can use today to boost your finger speed and accuracy.

Plus, learn how to see if your finger and hand position is holding back your playing.

Sessions #3 & 4: Melody & Improvising Workshop with Nigel McGill

Learn "Sweat it Out" - a James Brown inspired tune that will help you develop your rhythm reading and playing.

Plus learn improvising tactics and put them to use right away to make great sounding solos.

Session #5: Ear Training with Carl Raven 

Learn how to break down a melody you hear so you can easily play it on your saxophone

Carl shows a simple system he uses plus shares tactics to boost your ear/finger coordination.

Session #6: Mouthpiece Exercises to Boost Your Sax Sound

Learn the exercises Carl uses to train the best young players in the UK.  Carl shares how to practice on your mouthpiece plus whats actually going on in your mouth so you can build an unstoppable tone on sax.

Session #7: Rhythm Workout with Anthony Brown

This workshop will get you playing rhythms that will stretch your musical knowledge and improve your rhythm reading skills.

Anthony breaks down how to understand rhythms in a super easy way so you can be more confident playing any complicated rhythm you are faced with. 

Sessions #8 & 9: Blues Melody and Improvising with Nigel McGill

Follow along as we learn the blues tune "Ride On Sally"  AND harmony lines that we can play together in an ensemble.

Then, learn simple blues improvising strategies that you can use right away to easily build great solos THAT WORK.

Session #10: Essential Sax Repair with Steve Crow


Learn how to fix the most common issues on your sax and put together your own "repair kit" so you are never stuck on a gig or rehearsal.

Master instrument repairer Steve Crow breaks down these essential repair tactics in easy steps so you can easily do them, even if you have never repaired your sax before!

Session #11: Q&A with Tutors and Final Performance


In this session Nigel, Carl and Anthony answer questions and discuss their careers.  This information packed session is a must watch for all aspiring sax players.

To finish we perform both pieces learned over the Weekender. Join in!

Session #12: The Weekender Jam!


Learn how to approach a jam session, the language and terms you need to know, and what to expect.

Next, watch as Sax School members jam along with our Weekender Band and the tutors!

This session was the highlight for many of the students and an amazing experience.

PLUS...You get all the worksheets from every session so you can play along!

Your chance to learn with these amazing tutors...

The Weekender was an opportunity for me to help students directly and explain things in far more detail than I can in our Sax School lessons.

To help me with this, I hand picked two of the best teachers in the country to help share their incredible knowledge and skills.

Carl Raven teaches at the prestigious Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and is a member of the award winning Apollo Saxophone Quartet and a regular performer with the top orchestras in the UK.

As one of the best classical players in the country Carl is an expert in getting a great sound on sax.

As one of the hot young saxophone players in the country I had to have Anthony Brown share his knowledge at the Weekender.

As well as teaching at universities in England, Anthony is also a member of the celebrated "Beats & Pieces" big band and is just back from touring with them in Ireland!

Steve Crow repairs the saxophones of all the top players in the UK and is an expert on saxophone repair. Plus he's a top guy.

Our special bonus session with Steve is essential for every saxophone player!

So you're getting:

Instant access to the Weekender Sessions.

Complete recordings from every session.

12 Intensive Sessions packed with learning.

World class teachers and pro tactics!


Watching the Weekender Sessions is the next best thing to ACTUALLY being there yourself, plus you get to re-watch each session as many times as you like!

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Access

Lifetime Access

You get instant lifetime access to the Weekender Sessions so you can re-watch as many times as you like!

Step-By-Step Sessions

Whatever your level, you'll love the way each session is taught in easy to follow bite sized pieces!

Learn At Your Own Pace

Lessons are available on demand 24/7 - go through on your own schedule, in your own home!

Suitable For All Levels

As a new starter or experienced player these tactics and lessons will boost your playing.

Now you may be thinking...

Here are some questions you might have about the Weekender Sessions. If you have any questions that aren't covered here, get in touch on the right.

I'm a beginner / intermediate / advanced player ... will the sessions help me?

Are the sessions suitable for alto / soprano / tenor / baritone sax? 
Yes! We had students at the Weekender on all saxophones and the music is scored in Bb and Eb, so you are covered.

I think I might be too old for this - will I be able to keep up?
Yes! It is never too late (or early) to get started on sax. In fact our oldest student on the weekender was in his 80s and most Sax School students are over 50! 

I really struggle with improvising, will this be too difficult for me?
Each improvising session is broken down into clear easy, and do-able steps so you can start improvising, even if you have never done it before.

How do I get a refund if I want to?
All you need to do is send an email to support [at] saying you would like a refund. It's that easy - we want you to be happy.


Have A Question?

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The Weekender Sessions are guaranteed to help you with:

Step by Step Instruction

 Pro tip packed Sessions

 World class teachers

However if at any point in the first 90 days you've gone through the Weekender Sessions, applied what you have learned and don't feel like you have got 5 or more key takeaways that completely transform your saxophone playing and the way you approach practicing, then I will gladly refund 100% of your money. I want you to be happy.

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These Weekender Sessions were so much fun to deliver. I spent a huge amount of time getting them ready, and I gave it my all making sure I delivered them in the most passionate way possible. I knew if I did that, they would end up being the best saxophone lessons Sax School has ever created.

And, I am confident that myself, Carl, Anthony and the Sax School team have achieved that.  I can't wait for these to be in your hands.

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- Nigel McGill

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