Ready to DIG DEEPER with your saxophone playing?

Our ACCELERATOR video exchange program gives you the most access to our tutors so you can get constant, personal one-to-one feedback on your playing and direct advice on how best to improve as a saxophone player.


"Having a PRO explain something to you the right way first time around saves wasting endless hours searching for the right answer!"

Lloyd Neilson - ACCELERATOR Student


Easily Record Your Question

Direct from your phone or computer, record a quick audio or video question demonstrating your playing or what you need help with, and upload to your private member area.

Get Direct Help From Your Tutor

Your Sax School tutor responds with a personal video reply demonstrating areas to improve, how to resolve any issues and what steps to take next.

Improve More Quickly

Continue the conversation with your tutor to ensure quick progress.  Complete the suggested steps then film your next video to get more help. Re-watch all video responses any time from your private member area.

"I owe huge thanks to Fred and the accelerator program. His guidance on rhythm and chord changes meant I was able to join in on gigs all month while on holidays and one of the compliments I received was that I was Right in the pocket!"

Wayne Hammond - ACCELERATOR Student

With Sax School ACCELERATOR you have a personal one-to-one Coach to keep you on track.


"ACCELERATOR has helped me develop more than I EVER would have on my own"

Bev Johansson, Sweden

As an ACCELERATOR member you are never stuck or unsure what to work on next.

 Always get help customised to YOUR needs, what ever your level or interests.

 Learn at your own pace and get personalised, structured practice advice to help you progress quickly.

 Get direct help with a specific saxophone project, piece or goal.

 Get continual detailed feedback on your playing, tone and technique so you are never unsure if you are on track.


I got the biggest compliment I could receive from our Lead Guitar player today: “Man you are really improving and I can tell you’ve been putting in a lot of time on that Sax!!! "

Joe Teachey - ACCELERATOR Student

With ACCELERATOR you get the help you need.

Video Feedback

Get your video performances reviewed with in depth, actionable advice on how to improve.

Tone Help

Your tutor can help you craft your perfect saxophone tone with step-by-step analysis and instruction.

Advanced improv

Dig deep into tactics and techniques to unlock your improvising potential in any style. 

Performance Skills

Nervous about a jam session or audition? Our tutors will give you the tools to help you feel more confident.

Tune Learning

Get personal help developing your song repertoire or learning a specific piece.

Transcription Skills

Learn how to accurately transcribe solos and tunes AND apply them to your playing for maximum benefit. 

Music Theory

Get your theory questions answered, from chords to modes, harmony to arranging and more.


Get help identifying the problem areas in your technique and advice on how to improve quickly.

"The Accelerator programme is exactly what I needed to rekindle my enthusiasm and improve my sax playing skills. Chris is an excellent tutor - very thorough, reliable, responsive, patient and encouraging."

Valerie Usher - ACCELERATOR Student

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Is the ACCELERATOR program right for me?

The Accelerator program is open to players of all levels who are ready to dedicate time to improving their saxophone skills. Whether you are a new beginner or a seasoned pro, the ACCELERATOR program is the fastest way to develop your playing skills.

Join today if:

  • You are serious about making fast, lasting progress on your saxophone.
  • You are ready to dig deeper into techniques and skills.
  • You are ready to accept great advice and help from your tutor.

Please do not apply if:

  • You are happy with your current playing standard.
  • You are just looking for a "quick fix".
  • You are not interested in improving.

"ACCELERATOR is fantastic! It's great to have Chris giving me personal advice so I can home in on the bits I would normally overlook."

Jon Chapman - ACCELERATOR Student

Meet your ACCELERATOR Tutors

Fred Vigdor

Dig into advanced improvising tactics, pro level performing skills and funk/pop playing styles with Average White Band saxman Fred. 

Best For: Intermediate to Advanced Players

Dean Hilson

Dean is a legend in the SKA and Blues scene and an expert in helping you to develop your performing and improvising skills from beginner to advanced.

Best For: Intermediate to Advanced Players

Joel Purnell

Ready to dig into jazz? As Principal Lecturer in Jazz Sax for over 20 years at the prestigious Leeds Conservatoire, Joel is considered one of the top jazz educators in the UK.

Best For: Intermediate to Advanced Players

Matt Berman

Build killer Pop Sax skills with Matt and learn from his experience performing with Brandon Flowers (The Killers) and opening for Justin Timberlake!.

Best For: Intermediate to Advanced Players

Nigel McGill

Explore specific playing styles from classical to jazz, pop to SKA and develop rock solid technical skills with Nigel.

Best For: All Levels

Chris Camm

Just getting started? Chris will help you structure your learning and refine your skills so you can make super fast progress towards your saxophone goals.

Best For: Beginner Players

"ACCELERATOR has helped me to get a better grip on my timing - something I overlooked ... it has been a God send!"

Amy Stockley - ACCELERATOR Student

Better value than in-person lessons with a local teacher.

For less than the cost of 2 in-person lessons per month ACCELERATOR gives you 2 to 3 interactions each week with WORLD CLASS Tutors. All this from the comfort of your home AND you can re-watch every video as often as you like!

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...or 1 Year!

Your ACCELERATOR membership is completely flexible to suit YOUR needs, and aligned to YOUR goals.

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Your personal coaching progam includes:

  • Unlimited personal learning
  • Direct feedback and support
  • Private member area with tutor
  • Rewatch all video exchanges
  • Personal lesson plan and guidance
  • Easy to cancel anytime







US Dollars

Your personal coaching progam includes:

  • Unlimited personal learning
  • Direct feedback and support
  • Private member area with tutor
  • Rewatch all video exchanges
  • Personal lesson plan and guidance
  • Easy to cancel anytime

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